How Pics and Profiles Work - Updated 01/18/18

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How Pics and Profiles Work - Updated 01/18/18
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:44:16 PM »
We want to try a new way of posting pics and profiles that is more organized and better for you. We are going to create a post that you have control of. You can put anything in there that you like.

Some examples are:

Links to your gallery
Links to you reviews
You Twitter
Instagram and so on

Below you will have all your comments in one place and it will be easier to find your profile and you won't have multiple threads with pictures spread out. 100 pages of comments with pics here and there makes it harder for you to be seen.

NEW - The titles are all the same because on some house boards it was getting out of hand with crazy titles. It looked like Craigslist in the old days. I just make them all the same because their is only one post for each girl there. You can add the updated portion. I understand and that makes sense. If you have questions, comments, or ideas please pm me.

I also try to fix thing like the formatting where it shows extra tags like /size and so on. So that is all I am doing and if I catch a spelling mistake I will fix it for you. Just so you know that is all I am doing and not changing anything else. Just making you look better when I can.

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