Rose Reznor @Kit Kat and those Nine Inch Nails :)

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Rose Reznor @Kit Kat and those Nine Inch Nails :)
« on: February 09, 2018, 12:26:05 PM »
Wow, there are certain ladies that just have an impact on you, and Rose Reznor’s one of them! A beautiful, smart, and very fun lady to party with and I hope to again. From the time I entered the new Kit Kat for the first time, pulled up a chair next to her, to the conversation finding out we have some things in common, to our party, the whole evening was very memorable for me :) Both of us coming from military families only made my desire to spend some time with Rose greater. Rose is a very open lady that seems to enjoy everything from caressing to BDSM. Rose can dig them ‘Nails’ into me anytime :D Speaking of nails, Rose loves the Nine Inch Nails alternative group. Can’t tell by her name, huh? Lol She’s got me listening to them – especially that song ‘Closer’ now ;)

Also, thank you to the ladies I got to meet and share a drink with, and very cool and nice: Cumisha Amado, Alexandria Moon, Amelia Heart, Canela Cumings, and Olivia Green. Everyone made me feel very welcome, from the bartender, to the SM and cashier. Thank you all very much, and enjoy them goodies :)

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