House Accessibility for Wheel Chairs and Handicap People - Geographical Order

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I toured most of the houses during my trip to Nevada for the LPIN 21 banquet week.  I wanted to see if the houses were accessible to a person in a wheel chair.

My test chair was an electric Golden Technologies GP-162.  It had battery powered rear wheels with caster front wheels. The chair foot print is 2 ft by 2 ft.  Most chairs will occupy a larger space.


Big 4:  Has a High bumpy curb not very accessible.  Road to house a little bumpy.

Stardust Ranch:  Flat level sidewalk easy to access.  Road to house a little bumpy.

(Courtesy of hikingguy2013)


Bella’s Hacienda Ranch: Not accessible.  Entrance door frame bottom too high.  Park close to building.  Gravel parking lot surface could be a problem.

Donna’s Ranch: Not accessible.  Entrance door frame bottom too high.  Park close to building. Gravel parking lot surface could be a problem.


Desert Rose: Not accessible.  Entrance door frame bottom too high.

Inez's D&D: Accessible.  Actually two ramps, front door ramp and rear door ramp off parking lot. Was able to get around inside.  However, the shower table room was inaccessible because of a step.

Mona's Ranch: Accessible.  Front door inaccessible due to steps.  However, back door has a ramp which allows one to get inside.  You will have access to the kitchen and some of the girl’s rooms.  The other girl’s rooms are on the front side of the bar, which are inaccessible due to tight quarters trying to slip past the back of the bar to the front of the bar.

Abby Dixieland pointed out, if a girl’s room wasn’t able to be reached, one of the back side rooms could be used.  Also, to gain access to Mona’s, go to Inez's and ask them to show you the back door for Mona’s.

Sue’s Fantasy Club: Accessible.  Rooms might be a bit tight, but manageable.


Dovetail Ranch: Not accessible.  All entrances have steps.

Sharon’s Bar & Brothel: Not visited, and not sure if open.  In past years, inside of facility very tight.  Likely not enough room for a wheel chair.

Battle Mountain:

Desert Club: Accessible.  They have a very spacious bathroom with a double headed shower.  Plenty of room for a shower party.  Also, it is easy to get to and into a girl’s room through the living room.  Be sure and quiz Vanity Affair about her “wheel chair” parties.

When driving up, back up against the “Handicap Parking” sign to be on solid ground and to avoid any loose gravel.  Follow the sidewalk and gentle ramp.


All facilities closed, but if they were open, most entrances looked like they had stairs.  Pussy Cat Ranch, Villa Joy and Wild West Saloon are currently closed.

Sparks (Patrick - exit 28):

Mustang Ranch: Accessible.  The entrance leads to the bar, which is also has food.  Off to the side is a restroom which is also accessible.  I assume the ladies restroom is the same.  The adjacent room where lineups occur is also spacious.  The girls’ rooms are also big enough.

The negotiation rooms are a bit tight and the wheel chair user has to help the girl to know when to zig and when to zag for both to fit.  However, there are plenty of other rooms available if needed.

There are bungalow rooms as well, and they are spacious, but watch the door thresholds.

The Mustang Ranch also has rooms where a customer can rent to stay overnight.  In that facility, the A wing isle and the rooms where customers normally stay, are too tight and not accessible.  However, they have other wings where the isles are wider and the rooms are spacious, including the bathrooms.  Make your needs known, and the staff will accommodate.

The Mustang also has security on duty that could assist a customer transfer from a chair to a bed.  The same security staff can help you with luggage if you are staying overnight.

The parking lot is all hard surface and easy to go between the two buildings in an electric chair.  However, a manual wheel chair will be a bit harder because the buildings are different levels.

Carson City (Mound House):

Kit Kat Ranch: Accessible.  Newly built and easy to get around.  Cumisha Amado showed me around including her spacious room.  She even has an electric piano in her room and she can play.  Cumisha also has a nursing background and is certainly able to assist in a customer transfer between their chair and the bed.

Love Ranch North: Accessible.  My initial look at the LRN was a bit disappointed.  Getting into the bar area was fine.  However, going to the girls’ rooms, I saw steps on one side and a steep ramp on the other side.  But, at the C*MC banquet I talked to Catrina Costa and Desert Rose.  They explained that they have had a number of wheel chair customers and were able to work things out, getting people up and down the ramp.  One additional point is that any LRN girl could also use a room in the Sagebrush or Kit Kat facilities if need be.

Moonlite Bunny Ranch: Accessible.  A ramp is available at the front door.  The bar is spacious and the general bathroom accessible.  Same for the rooms.

Sagebrush Ranch: Accessible.  The entrance has a ramp to one side of the parking lot that works fine.  Once inside, the bar area is spacious, including the bathroom.  Also, as Roxy Gold showed me, the isles and girl’s room is also spacious.  (But, with Roxy, the last thing you want is space.  You really want closeness, and she can accommodate.)


Wild Cat Brothel: Accessible?  Caution with the gravel parking lot.  There is a ramp to the front door and easy to get into the main room.  However, when I asked for a tour, I was informed by the manager that they don’t give tours.  I don’t know if they have bathroom facilities suitable for a handicap person.  I also don’t know about the girls’ rooms, but the closed door entrance looked normal.

Also, caution on the “security” dog. He is friendly.  Overly friendly.  If you are fragile, and don’t want a 50 lb. dog on your lap (or closer yet) bring a husky friend to “run interference”.

Pahrump Area:

Alien Cathouse: Accessible.  Easy to get around.  Tour was provided by Taylor Gates.  She had just transferred from the LRV and was not fully unpacked, but her room was adequate for my chair.  However, for someone needing a bigger room, the ACH has them.

Chicken Ranch: Accessible.  The entrance has a ramp, and the main room is spacious.  The facility is older, but I was still able to get around.  My tour was conducted by Kandi, including a stop in her room.  It was cozy, but adequate for my chair.  However, I suspect they could accommodate a larger chair in other rooms.

While Kandi suggested I tour the bar area and their “party” room, I didn’t, but should have.  It looked like the bar would be accessible.  The “party” room is meant for watching sports events with your buddies.  Such a deal. Watch the Saturday afternoon football game, and celebrate the victory with a girl like Kandi.

Love Ranch Vegas: Accessible.  Easy to get around.  Rooms look sufficient, and they have special rooms that have more room if needed.  The “peep room” might be a challenge to get into due to small size, but no reason the "peep room" show couldn’t be moved to another room.

Sheri's Ranch: Accessible.  Entrance is via the bar with a ramp out front and handicap parking.  Next to the bar area is a spacious area for lineups.  To negotiate a party, you go to the girl’s room, which is down a spacious, but long hall.  The rooms are also spacious.  Now, there are some overflow rooms with shared bathrooms that are smaller, but I believe they are still adequate.

Sheri's also has rooms one can rent to stay overnight.  One is handicap equipped.  However, all those rooms are off to the side of the complex, and a bit of a distance.

Had a discussion with Karli Brooks.  She explained to me that they have various handicapped individuals party there.  Some come with their caregiver, who sees that the client is transferred from the chair to the bed, waits in the bar during the party, and then comes back to the room to transfer the client back to the wheel chair.  Karli also mentioned that Sheri's has a wheel chair on hand in case someone needs some assistance, or the distances are further than they expected.  A backup wheel chair is certainly a good idea for any facility, and used ones are relatively cheap.

Sheri's security staff are available to help with luggage.


Each disabled person has unique challenges and they can be completely different that the next disabled person.  While, for everyone, each party needs to be discussed, with disabled people, even how the party is to progress needs to be discussed.  If a girl doesn’t know, make sure they ask the client, or another girl that is experienced in dealing with handicapped people.

Each wheel chair can be different than the next one.  Most wheel chairs are meant to come apart without much effort.  If you try to assist the person by lifting or pushing a wheelchair, it could come apart and cause the person to be dumped on the ground.  Not good.  Simple, ask and analyze first, then help.

In summary, the bigger houses and newer houses are more likely to be handicap accessible.  The more remote houses likely have little demand for handicap services.  One place said I was the first person to show up in a wheel chair in the past 12 years.

My personal experiences with partying have been simple and not complicated.  The ladies are very easily able to accommodate the few special requests I have.

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