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Ranch Advertisements / Re: Dovetail's Hopping! Belle says.....
« Last post by FumbleNutts on February 20, 2018, 09:18:33 AM »
Ha! Ping Pong and Pyro  :) Belle is a treat! Hugs to everyone, Monica  :-*
Ladies Reviews / Re: Chloe Love @ LRS - A Vinyasa Vixen
« Last post by FumbleNutts on February 20, 2018, 09:16:28 AM »
Very nice, Dirk! Chloe has a smile to lighten a room, and energy to spare  :)
General Discussion / Re: Is it ever ok to “Out someone”?
« Last post by FumbleNutts on February 20, 2018, 09:12:41 AM »
No, never! It's one thing to share a bad experience and let the reader decide, but to out someone with their personal info is wrong at all levels.
General Discussion / Re: Why have you chosen LPIN?
« Last post by isurfer on February 20, 2018, 08:38:09 AM »
Why have you chosen LPIN?

My long answer. I'm 68 now, born in Los Angeles and lived and worked in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area for 60 years. In 1987 I got a new job, and a new hobby of visiting strip clubs frequently. Part of my new job was to go out to different local offices to install, train and other things computer related as a support person. That allowed me to end my work day at different times and hours at different locations where there might be strip clubs either nearby or along the way home. There were times when I had to stay and just finish the job, and get compensated another day by working shorter hours. In my previous job me and some co-workers went only a couple of times to strip clubs and even an Asian Massage Parlor, but that wasn't my cup of tea. I lived in West Los Angeles from 1980 and worked in Santa Monica and there were a couple of AMPs nearby on Pico Blvd. I didn't find oriental ladies particularly exotic, sexually attractive or a turn on, I've seen them all my life. I've never partied with one of "my kind" at a brothel yet even though a few have asked me to over the years, I have no real interest or desire. My wife of 26 years was Caucasian with natural blond hair, blue gray eyes, half German and the other half British and Swedish. Yeah, I kind of liked them white girls, even the few that were in school. In my neighborhood growing up there were oriental families like mine, mostly Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, black families, Hispanic families, and Filipino or other Pacific islander families. Many of the white families in my neighborhood that had kids my age were recent immigrants from other countries or were established Jewish families.

When I started my new job, some guys in other departments would invite me to go after work to a local strip club, and I did and enjoyed and liked it. Most of the time I would go by myself, but a few times we went as a group like for lunch as a Christmas work party outing or some guy's birthday. Some girls we worked with were cool, they gave us money for beer and told us to enjoy. My wife didn't care that I went to strip clubs, she knew I would come home eventually but she told me to take a taxi cab home if I drank too much, which I did sometimes. Going to strip clubs became a hobby, at times even addictive going every day of the week. It also became my social life, being able to talk to young friendly sexy girls in person not unlike the girls in the brothels. I went to a couple of dozen different strip clubs over the years, bikini, topless, and fully nude and in 22 years some closed and some newly opened. The girls were different at each club and the vibe was different too, not unlike the LPIN brothels, and some strippers would switch clubs too and I would check them out. I had my favorite strip clubs and favorite strippers in each club that I frequented, and over the years of course that varied just like me in LPIN. When I had favorite clubs, maybe 2 or 3, I would have maybe 3 favorite strippers on each shift, day and nights to pick from since more often than not at least one favorite would be working when I went. Us frequent stripper customer visitors had ZBone online in soCal to get and exchange info. I'm still a lifetime member of ZBone and TUSCL even though it has been over 8 years since I posted anything on either one.

At the strip clubs, some of the strippers were musicians, but did not play together nor at the same time. I remember the first time in the 1990s when a stripper I knew and liked passed out flyers inviting other customers and strippers to come attend her gig, and I went. That was the first of several dozen times over the years, it was nice to see the strippers in another environment. A few years later I got to see a couple of other strippers from other clubs and different bands play. It was my introduction to seeing strippers outside of the club.

Some strippers became friends, some close friends, some even became real girlfriends. A customer's reputation is important, at strip clubs and in brothels. Some of the strippers that I was friends with did indy work too. My stripper friends that also did indy work were not "new" to the club and were pretty smart, they didn't advertise and they never got arrested. They evaluated their potential indy clients over time, and they talked to other stripper friends about customers, just like some brothel ladies talking to each other about clients. I was surprised when one stripper asked me if I wanted to go out to eat after her shift was over, I wasn't the one asking her and I never had asked that of any stripper before, not ever thinking of asking a stripper out to just eat and get acquainted and talk, so I said sure. I had been going to that strip club regularly for maybe a year. Going out to eat and talk is not illegal, especially if no sex is involved or expected or money exchanged. It's a good way of networking, I know some strippers that had some regular customers that were lawyers, auto mechanics, accountants, etc. and used the customer's knowledge, job and skills for their own benefit, often times at a discount. I know one brothel client that helps some of the courtesans do their income taxes, doing taxes is his regular job. Sometimes I would go out to eat with several strippers at one time after they got off of their shift and just meet up at a restaurant.

There were advantages for strippers that went indy. They could pick and choose from their own potential customer base of strip club patrons and didn't have to advertise publicly or deal with unknowns. They could pick their own hours to work indy and charge differently depending on who they met up with. Beside dancing some of the strippers had other jobs too or kids to take care of so setting their own schedule of when they wanted to make extra money was a plus. The frequency, attitude, and amount of money the customer spent in the club made a difference, especially the attitude. Some guys would never be able to get an outside "date" with some of the strippers I knew, not even for dinner or just coffee. I learned about strippers and their stalkers back then too. There was one stripper I saw every couple of weeks for a few years, usually we would meet up for lunch, give her some spending money, do a little shopping, fill up her SUV with gas, and sometimes go back to a room I rented to have some alone time with her. Getting a room didn't happen every time I met her, maybe once every couple of months. I did get to meet her kids 3 times when they weren't in school from what I remember, going out to eat and shopping for clothes and bedding and once for some major Christmas shopping, no alone time in a room when the kids were around. My last stripper girlfriend had a son and I met up with her every week but she broke up with me in 2009 just before I moved north. A few times I would meet up with strippers in Las Vegas and share a room, those were fun times.

In 2007 my son moved up to South Lake Tahoe, so I started looking into the BunnyRanch to see what it was about since it was an hour drive or less to Mound House, and there were no strip clubs nearer to South Lake Tahoe except for Squeeze Play. In March 2008 I visited my son for a mini-vacation, and drove to the BunnyRanch to party before going shopping in Carson City at WalMart to pick up some things. Back then, no Borders, WalMart, Target or Costco in South Lake Tahoe. I moved in with my son back in early 2010 and shopping trips to Carson City became frequent, maybe once every two weeks and my brothel visits more frequent too. In 2014 my son and I moved closer to Reno.

I go to brothels because of the friendship and companionship I feel when I'm there. I'm not one of those guys that goes to the brothels just for sex. Sometimes I like to think of my parties as having friends with benefits. I like to know a courtesan first and see if there is a connection that I feel, but a few times I have been spontaneous and asked a lady if she wants to party with me on short notice. Going to brothels is my social life since I have no friends near Reno. Pretty younger girls to talk to in brothels, just like when I went to strip clubs. I can't afford outdates, just to go out and eat or see a show? There are strip clubs in Reno but I have never set foot in any of them. Maybe if I ever wanted a local "girlfriend" I might start my strip club process and visiting again or if LPIN becomes too expensive for me or for some reason I can't find what I want in my 5 local brothels I will go back to strip clubs, but for now I would rather spend my money at the brothels. I don't like traveling long distances so Elko is not an option for me.
General Discussion / Re: Is it ever ok to “Out someone”?
« Last post by isurfer on February 20, 2018, 08:04:34 AM »

When if ever is it OK to post a Ladies or Clients real name, picture,phone# or other personal information anywhere?
I say no.

What about sharing it privately via txt etc?
I have shared real names and phone numbers of clients with a courtesan, but with the client's permission. I would never share a lady's personal information with anyone. She might have reasons for keeping personal information away from other ladies and the house too.
General Discussion / Is it ever ok to “Out someone”?
« Last post by SixT9er on February 20, 2018, 07:17:55 AM »
When if ever is it OK to post a Ladies or Clients real name, picture,phone# or other personal information anywhere?

What about sharing it privately via txt etc?

General Discussion / Re: Please Say Hello
« Last post by Zedshead on February 20, 2018, 01:29:05 AM »
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I agree.  Welcome!

Thanks Rachel! I'll be in the area on Friday, hopefully we can say hello in person.

Off Topic Threads / Re: What are you listening to right now?
« Last post by Ironman on February 20, 2018, 12:24:07 AM »
Right this very second?

These guys just to torture the shorts of the young ones at work Most of whom were not even born or in diapers when this style.of rock was popular.

I am actually in this video though. The lead singer did that on purpose.all the people from the bowling league that went to the show this was filmed at got cameos.

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Ranch Advertisements / Re: Dovetail's Hopping! Belle says.....
« Last post by SixT9er on February 19, 2018, 11:34:03 PM »
How far is she shooting ping pong balls these days?
Ladies Reviews / Chloe Love @ LRS - A Vinyasa Vixen
« Last post by Dirk Diggler on February 19, 2018, 11:01:09 PM »
I keep an eye on the house boards and after seeing some of Chloe's alluring pictures and posts, to include mentions here, I decided to take a ride out to Love Ranch South. I certainly wasn't disappointed and have to say she is even more vibrant and sexy in person. I knew she practiced yoga, but I had no idea what I was in for!

Negotiations were straightforward and then it was on to the fun stuff. We started out with a nice warm-up routine to get the blood flowing to all the extremities and once my "heart rate" was raised we transitioned into our poses. We started first with an horizontal rag doll then flowed into a inverted half-hero "stretch an then rolled over and briefly held a cobra pose.

At that point my old brittle bones couldn't take much more so the last pose was a kneeling down dog while I enjoyed the magnificent view and "welcomed the sun"  ;D . I really enjoyed our session and yoga now has a whole new meaning for me. Thanks Chloe!

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